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    Wuxi Led Electronics Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, with extended specialties in researching,manufacturing and selling Passenger Information System, LED Display and LED lighting fixtures.

    Wuxi Led Electronics Co., Ltd was established in September 1999, In the critical initial years, the company overcame all kinds of challenges and obstacles, took the way that recommending talent and training qualified personnel, and focusing on research and development for Passenger Information System and LED display products. The company has begun cooperating with the Global 500 Companies such as Bombardier, Alstom etc.

    Follow with the step of continuously improving the quality and developing the new products, the company persists the principle of "Quality first, Users supreme", and has gained international quality certification system of ISO9001 ahead of other companies in the same industries. Some products has passed "CCC" security certificate. The LED Display system and LED lightings fixtures, developed independently by the company has won 11 national patents, the railway guidance system software, also developed by the company, was awarded copyrights certificate by China state copyright administration and has been used widely in national railway station.

    “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, High quality, High efficiency and High benefit” is the eternal philosophy of Wuxi Led Electronics Co., Ltd. The company always takes this policy as management concept for committing themselves to supply excellent products and prefect services to customers and provide timely and accurate information for traveling passengers!

    ---Enterprise team---
    The company has 120 employees, 85% of whom have college degree or above diploma; there is a strong engineer team consisted of various professionals in LED display technology and applied technology studies, electronic circuit, mechanical structure, computer software, network, system integration technology and digital communication.

    ---Enterprise mission---
    Improving the quality and enhancing the efficiency for public visual display and information acquisition, is the eternal pursuit of the company.

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